Pray On Time is the first athan times application that Monitors your salat times performace in ANY location of the world.

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Main features of the application:

  • Statistical analysis of your prayers
  • Rewards section that helps your improve your praying time
  • Missed prayers tracker
  • Exact time prayer of your location
  • Qibla Direction through compass
  • Masjid locator
The application is user friendly and has a unique and beautiful design. Yet it is composed of a series of complex calculations that works in the background through our famous POT scoring system, just to give you accurate score of each of your 5 daily prayers. The 5 Islamic daily prayers time are accordingly:
  • Fajr prayer time
  • Duhur prayer time
  • Asr Prayer time
  • Maghrib prayer time
  • Isha prayer time
Each azan time the application will prompt a notification declaring the start of the particular prayer (for example: Maghrib time). And when you do perform your prayer you will simply check the (I prayed) button in the notification itself. The application will then calculates the time you checked the box, and give you a score out of 10 according to your salah time, through our famous POT scoring system. This concept is designed help you visually monitor your praying time (Namaz timings) performance.

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